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Need any vehicle wrapped with high resolution graphics, logos, lettering – iWrap Graphix gets your vehicle wrap done right & great prices! Sample of our work below:

Fleet Wraps Houston

Houston Fleet Wrap | Vehicle Wrap Houston - John Moore - iWrap  Graphix Customer

Houston Fleet Wrap | Vehicle Wrap Houston – John Moore – iWrap  Graphix Customer

iWrap Graphix, Houston’s leading vehicle wrapping company. We are a family owned and locally run business with more than 15 years of experience in wrapping and transforming any vehicle in to a marketing tool. Full digital van wraps are an easy and affordable alternative to painting, so you can get your vans wrapped from bumper to bumper and maximize the reach of your advertisements on the move.

In highly populated and major cities like Houston, vehicle wraps can generate more than 700,000 impressions per month which means you can reach out to 20,000 potential clients and/or customers every day! Now that’s something worth considering. iWrap Graphix designs, prints and installs high quality vehicle wraps at the most affordable rates so that your business gets the maximum exposure and the best return on investment.

Why Choose Vehicle Wraps over Traditional Advertising?

Truck Wrap Houston Price | Houston Truck Wrap Prices - Houston Fleet Wrap | Vehicle Wrap HoustonTraditional form of advertising is much expensive as compared to vehicle wraps. This is because whichever form of traditional advertising you choose – billboards, newspaper ads, etc. you have to bear recurring costs and the exposure you get is for a limited period of time. But with vehicle wraps, you pay a one-time fee and get seen by the entire city.

The more the vehicle goes around, better will be the exposure of your business.

High Impact Marketing and Branding with Houston Fleet Wraps

Houston Fleet Wrap | Vehicle Wrap Houston - Coca Cola Fleet Wrap - iWarp Graphix Customer

Houston Fleet Wrap | Vehicle Wrap Houston – Coca Cola Fleet Wrap – iWarp Graphix Customer

When investing in any form of advertising, it boils down to one thing – the amount of visibility and conversion rates! While you can choose the cheaper quality painted advertisements over vehicle wraps, seldom do they last long. This means you have to get them repainted again and again! But with vehicle wraps created by iWrap Graphix you can have peace of mind. Once installed, the wraps remain intact for years – there’s no worrying about fading or dulling. Moreover, these can be easily removed, in case you want to pit on fresh ads or sell off the vehicle.

iWrap Graphix creates custom graphic vehicle wraps, which means we will create wraps just like the ones you wanted. A study by the American Trucking Association reveals that 91% of people notice the advertisements (in form of words and pictures) when displayed on trucks; so by choosing vehicle wraps from iWrap Graphix, you can maximize the impact of your advertisements 3-folds.

Houston Vehicle Wraps We Specialize In   

iWrap Graphix offers a wide variety of vehicle wraps that come in different shapes, sizes and style. So you can choose a specific area of the vehicle (front, back, top or sides) with maximum visibility and get the wraps made likewise.  Whether you want a wrap to advertise your business or just to decorate your sport bike, boat, motorcycle, van, etc. iWrap Graphix will offer you the best suited solutions.

Corporate vehicles spend a huge amount of time on the roads, so by utilizing the available space, you can make people aware of your business and influence their buying decisions. Every car in your fleet offers you with an opportunity to reach out to a larger audience. iWrap Graphix offers a comprehensive range of fleet graphics solutions to  cater to the needs of all businesses as well as individuals.

Quick and Efficient Houston Vehicle and Fleet Wrap Installation Services

Houston Fleet Wrap | Vehicle Wrap Houston - Ceva Fleet - iWrap Graphix Customer

Houston Fleet Wrap | Vehicle Wrap Houston – Ceva Fleet – iWrap Graphix Customer

In order to survive in this highly competitive market, you need to do a lot more than just getting the company name and phone number printed on the billboards. You must think of ways to spread the message about your brand in the right way among the right people.

Vehicle wraps in Houston offers you with the perfect opportunity to spread out the message among a huge audience and reach out to people at every nook and corner of the city. At iWrap Graphix we provide vehicle wrap installation services at the most reasonable rates. So no matter where your business is located, Houston or other surrounding areas, iWrap Graphix will get the best vehicle wraps installed on your vehicles.

To know more, you can call us, email us, or fill out our online contact form.

Nationwide Fleet Graphic for Houston

Vehicle Wrap Houston : iWrap Graphix creates high quality, high resolution car, truck and fleet wraps. With a car wrap, you can maximize the area your advertising reaches by making it move. Our vehicle wrap are cost effective and can provide your business with a new look. Traditional advertising methods would suggest the more money you spend, the more advertising you will receive; but with a moving vehicle wrap, you only have to pay a one-time fee to advertise and be seen by a whole city! Vehicle wrap allow you to control who and where your wrap will be seen. The more you drive, the more exposure you business will get.

Van fleet graphics, trailer fleet graphics, or other services vehicles, we have you covered.  Call Us!

Houston Fleet Wrap | Vehicle Wrap Houston - Siemens Trailer Wrap - iWrapGraphix Customer

Houston Fleet Wrap | Vehicle Wrap Houston - Bud Light Trailer Wrap - iWrapGraphix customer